About Us

Standard Standard is in the business of shapes & beauty. We make, love & sell very special objects. 
Our shapes originate from the art of sculpturing.

Our objects are not pure decoration. Rather, they are brave pieces that champion their owners. Standard Standard brings order to nature, nature to people, people to objects and objects to jewelry. We believe that the experience of shapes appeals to our primitive side. If you feel the shapes with your hand, you'll understand. It's a big difference between looking at a picture of a naked body and touching it.
 In Standard Standard, Axel (www.mynameisAxel) has brought sculpturing to jewelry. The Standard Standard objects are created for accompanying their owners - partnerships are to be formed where each is making the other more beautiful. 
Standard Standard is based  in Stockholm, Sweden. 
And is run by Anders Wirén and Axel Brechensbauer. 
Founded in 2012.
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